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This page is dedicated to the works of Rick Haynes, author. As well as writing epic fantasies, Rick has published in the genres of humour, family life, short stories and anthologies.  He is also an award winning drabbalist (stories of exactly 100 words.)
Over to you, Rick.

Hi everyone, I was called many names as a kid but luckily my original moniker has stuck with me over the years. I can’t imagine being called Doughnut or Onze instead of Rick now.
My passion is fantasy and my two novels, Evil Never Dies and Heroes Never Fade, have received excellent reviews. My latest novel, Outcast, will be published in 2019.
Evil never dies Rick 26.11.18             Heroes Rick 26.11.18  As one top blogger posted about Heroes Never Fade – ‘Fans of Games of Thrones must read this book!’

I do like a little bit of fun and Chocolate Chunks From Crazy Crete – a collection of tales from that magical isle – is as zany as the people. With the locals asking me to listen to their stories, how could I refuse their plea to put them all in a paperback? You’d never believe what they told me so you must read my book.

Chocolate chunks Rick 26.11.18 The first reviewer posted – ‘It landed on my Kindle this morning and I haven’t stopped laughing.’

Bolt Blue Rick 26.11.18

I’ll continue to write until my time is up, for the power of my imagination is beyond measure and I love to see my words on paper. Like tiny seeds, they gradually grow and blossom into one magnificent tree. Welcome to the world of my imagination.
Love and Laughter. Rick

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Rick Haynes – the home of fantasy and fun. Why not jump on board to enjoy the magic of words. I’ll be expecting you. So, what are you waiting for? Thank you kindly for reading my post.

Update April 2019

Last year, writer Rick Haynes’ life took a major turn for the worse when he was diagnosed with a debilitating illness. He reflects frankly on how his sense of humour and his wife’s loving care helped to alleviate the often intense pain he was in.  
You can read the full story here:

In Rick’s own words:
‘The joy of getting old isn’t as much fun as we thought. But, it’s all we have and you either give in or get on with it. If someone, somewhere, with similar problems, finds a little comfort or help in my words, I’d be delighted.

‘Love and Laughter rules.’
As you can see, the illness might have affected his body, but not his sense of humour. 😀 
I hear tell that despite all his problems, Rick is currently working on his next book. 
Best of Luck, Rick.