The purpose of this site initially is to provide a showcase for the author Val Portelli, who also writes under the pen name ‘Voinks,’ under the Quirky Unicorn publishing imprint.
As it develops it will also be made available to publicise books by other Indie or self-published authors as a thank you for the support received by the authorish community in general.

Important Note:
Books advertised on this site are not necessarily published under the Quirky Unicorn imprint, and no claim is made to being the publishing company. Information is provided merely as an opportunity for readers to discover books they might not necessarily discover by the usual means. No responsibility is accepted for errors, omissions or out of date links which should be directed to the individual author concerned.

However, it is hoped you will find something to enjoy among the suggestions, and help to spread the word about the wonderful books being written and produced without the backing and financial support of the big, traditional publishers.

Reviews are an authors’ life-blood. If you have read and enjoyed a book please consider leaving a review on Amazon, Goodreads, Social media or anywhere else readers gather.

We are aware some people find this difficult and would reassure you it doesn’t have to be on a par with Shakespeare. Imagine a friend asks you ‘Was it a good book?’ How would you reply? Even just telling your friends about it is helpful.

You might not realise it’s useful to comment on the things you didn’t like as well giving feedback about the good points. Please don’t rate a book down because ‘The postman sent it to the wrong address,’ or ‘The delivery driver was rude.’ It might sound funny but many a struggling author has suffered from such events.

Your opinion is important. If several people respond ‘It was a great book. I loved it but the ending was too abrupt,’ or something similar, it helps the author improve for their next book, or even consider amending it.

Authors need readers and readers need authors. Thank you for being here and supporting writers everywhere. 

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In the menu above you will see a list of individual authors and services as they are added. Liking or commenting will help to defeat the gremlins, so please check them out.  Thank you. 😀 

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